Benriach Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Producing an aromatic and fruity style of distillate, BenRiach explores different maturation and ‘finishing’ styles and this is a great example of a golden rum double-maturation that complements existing characters. Distilled in December 1997 and bottled in August 2020, 4 of its 22 years were spent in the rum barrel.

December 1997
August 2020
Colour: Deep Gold.
Nose: Tropical fruit notes of ripe fleshy mango and grilled pineapple with demerara sugar and burnished oak.
Palate: Chilli and pineapple salsa, toasted oak, ginger cake and cinnamon spice.
Finish: Long and lingering with great texture. Spiced juicy fruits and oak in perfect balance.
Bottles: 189.