Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky


The present day Jura Distillery was rebuilt in the 1960s to produce a light, unpeated island whisky, unlike most of its neighbouring distilleries on Islay. Some of the modern day Jura whiskies, however, are produced with a very subtle hint of peat smoke but most of the older 1980/1990s bottlings lean towards an earthy, ripe tropical fruits style.

This is a stunning example of the old style with lashings of ripe fruits and traditional distillery character.

October 1990
March 2021
46.4% Vol.
Colour: Bright Gold.
Nose: Those classic old damp dunnage warehouse aromas are swiftly followed by a delightful fruit basket nose.
Palate: Camphor warmth with some grassy, vegetal notes. A touch of maritime salinity with sweet grape juice.
Finish: Long with earthy notes and ripe fruits never far away. A classic old style Jura.
Bottles: 163.