Invergordon Single Grain Scotch Whisky


Scotland’s northern-most grain distillery produces bulk for blending but it is an absolute revelation on this showing, demonstrating one of the creamiest sweetest palates of any samples we tasted. This whisky was aged for 24 years in a single American Oak re-fill Barrel, distilled in February 1996 and bottled in August 2020.

February 1996
August 2020
Colour: Light Gold.
Nose: Buttercream, white chocolate wafer, milky honeyed cereal and lime zest.
Palate: Rich, cereal biscuits and white-chocolatey with some coconut and warming spice.
Finish: Coats the mouth with the white chocolate and coconut (like Ferrero Raffaello) lingering long.
Bottles: 188.